Portraits of Orchids in close detail painted in oil - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Portraits of Orchids in close detail painted in oil


White Wedding Orchids
Oil 50"x24"

White orchids are great to paint because the light reflected creates so many colors.  In this orchid you can see shades of greens, blues, yellows, reds, oranges and purple grays.  The delicate ruffles remind me of a wedding dress.

White Orchid Trio
Oil 50"x32" painting size

Like the painting above I chose a white orchid for its reflective nature. I also enjoyed painting the background. Here I tried to achieve a complimentary setting to the bright whites of the flowers but I hope the viewer appreciates the colors and senses a feeling of stained glass that tried to achieve.

Peach Cattalaya
Oils 36" x 42" painting size

This painting and the one below were created as part of a commission. My client wanted to fill their new home with flowers.   

I photographed this orchid at the American Orchid Society of Palm Beach County. "The Peach Cattalya" was a lush flower at the height of its beauty and easy to paint.

Candy Striped Phalenopis
Oil 50"x24"

"The Candy Striped Phaleanopis" was a difficult flower to paint. I struggled against its stripes to capture the flower's form.

Pink Orchid Royalty
Oils 36" x 24" painting size

A deep black background shows off the velvety texture and structural form of the two seductive orchids, the Phalaenopsis. The color of these orchids is a brilliant hot pink.

Pink Jungle Orchids
Oil 50"x24"

I chose to create a more decorative look with this pink Phalaenopsis, opting for a an interesting pattern of leaves behind the orchids. Although the leaves create almost a feeling of wallpaper, the pattern has depth and hopefully does not take away from offsetting the orchids.

Bromeliad original in bluegreens
Oil 48"x36"

I created this painting because I was inspired by the beautiful foliage at the American Orchid Society's gardens in Delray Beach. The bromeliad I chose was the most perfect one I have ever seen and the colors were exciting to paint. I decided to frame it from above because that was where its beauty was displayed most advantageously. These are the original colors of the painting. I have created a second version of the image as a giclee. It features more olive greens if a client has that preference. This painting is unique in that it can be hung horizontally or vertically depending on the preference of the collector.

Bromeliad giclee in earthy greens
Oil 48"x36"

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