Marine Life, Coral Reef and Sea life Paintings - Single paintings - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Marine Life, Coral Reef and Sea life Paintings - Single paintings


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Bottlenosed Dolphins maneuver water ring into upside down heart and infinity

"Infinity -
Bottlenose Dolphins at Play"
36" wide x 48" high

"Infinity- Dolphins at Play" is a painting of two bottle nose dolphins playing with the water ring they created. The water ring in the painting is twisted and has formed a symbol resembling infinity with an upside down heart.  Although the Dolphins' existence is threatened, It is my hope that they will continue to live and thrive in our oceans for countless generations to come. In 2013 The Arts Council of Martin County featured this painting as their commemorative poster for Artsfest in Stuart, Florida.

"Sailfish Plunders Baitball" - single painting 48" wide x 24" high
Also available as a triptych 9 feet wide x 3 feet high

This painting was inspired in 2009 when I was asked to do a mural of game fish and deep sea life.  The mural never came about.  Instead, I created this painting. This painting served as a study for the triptych of the same name. The triptych is 9 feet long and was finished in the summer of 2010.

Having no first-hand experience with deep sea fishing, I researched images from books and the web.  I viewed videos from You Tube and stills by many photographers and painters.  Seeing the fish in action from movies I viewed gave me a real understanding of the way the fish moved. Guy Harvey's wonderful illustrations and photography were also a great resource.

"Flying Turtles"
36" wide x 48" high

"Flying Loggerhead Turtles" is a commissioned painting based on Loggerhead Sea Journey. In this painting turtles come from every direction and head towards the viewer as the baby loggerhead turtles enter the sea in great numbers to join them. Inspiration for the painting came from a trip to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center of Juno Beach where I photographed rescued loggerhead turtles waiting to be released into the wild. I wanted to show the baby sea turtles from another prospective. They are almost always shown heading toward the water on the beach. If you do not look carefully at the paintings you might mistake the babies for fish.

Almost Neon Leopard Shark and Jellyfish share the same water as the largest jelly fish is soon to end its life

"Leopard Shark and Jellyfish"
20" wide x 16" high

This was a commissioned oil painting specifically created to include a spotted leopard shark and jelly fish.  I added glow in the dark pigments to the wet paint after I photographed it so that the clients, Robert and Ginger Morgret, would enjoy a special effect. Leopard Sharks typically do not grow very large.  I read that they do not have the scary teeth that most sharks have.  I included teeth in this painting because my clients wanted the shark to appear more ferocious.

Lion Fish custom painting for the Morgrets

"Lion Fish"
20" wide x 16" high

This was a commissioned oil painting of a lion fish requested by Ginger and Robert Morgret. Lion fish are a great threat to the reefs of south florida.  Lion fish were introduced to South Florida as an exotic creature for tropical fish tanks.  Most likely, they were released into the waters of the ocean when their owners were tired of them. They have no natural enemy and their sting can be very painful.  Their victims often need a hospital visit to treat their venom. Today it is encouraged that they be hunted and killed.  They are apparently very tasty but hard to prepare.  Restaurants will probably not offer them on the menu.

Marlin attack dolphin fish or Mahi Mahi baitball swirl

"Marlin Feeding Frenzy"
48" wide x 48" high

This is an oil painting of three Marlins coming in for the kill.  Numerous Mahi Mahi (also called Dolphin Fish or Dorado) are trying to get away from them by jumping out of the water or swimming deeper into the sea.  Dolphin mammals are approaching from afar to hunt the Mahi Mahi also.  Bait fish are everywhere.  This is a square painting that measures 40 x 40.  The square format required a different kind of layout.  The elements were put into very geometric forms. I used the shape of the triangle to position the Marlins, one is coming from below and two from each side.  The Mahi Mahi form a triangle going in the opposite direction.

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