Portraits of Flowers in oil paint - Portraits and Fine Art by Nancy Tilles

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Portraits of Flowers in oil paint


Peach Daisys
Oils 24" x 18" painting size

Calla Lillies Expanding
Oils 24" x 20" painting size

White Gladiolas throwing shadows on wood
Oils 24" x 18" painting size
These paintings were some of my first attempts at oils. The first three images were painted against the background of my newly installed wood floors .I took liberty with painting the colors of the floor. I arranged the flowers into odd perspectives as a rebellion against the traditional look of floral bouquets.

Four Dancing Calla Lillies
Oils 24" x 36" painting size

Abundant Tulips
Oil 42"x36" painting size

Tulips are structurally alike and grow erect and orderly. Their colors vary like a rainbow. In this painting, I focused on creating a colorful mixture of primary and secondary colors choosing red, yellow and purple flowers with their green stalks and offsetting them with a brilliant blue background and a golden tablecloth. I wanted the flowers to weep over the glass bowl and contradict their own structured nature. To emphasize the giddy happiness of this composition I chose to have fun with the background and introduce spontaneous strokes of golds and whites. I owe the nature of this painting to one of my favorite artists... Van Gogh.

Sunflower, Sunbathing
Watercolor 22" x 28" painting size

The sunflowers were magnificent that day and the centers were so black that they appeared red in bright sunlight. I placed them at the edge of the pool and took several photos. I loved the way the water behind the flowers refracted the light in a pattern and how the blue color compliments the yellow of the flower's petals. The pot they sit in is one of my favorites and I have painted it many times.

Two Tulips
Watercolor 14" x 16" painting size

Dancing Shadows
Watercolor 14" x 18" painting size

Red Gladiola framed in Emeralds and Diamonds
Watercolor 14" x 18" painting size

Watercolor 18" x 24" painting size

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