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Limited edition custom giclee embellished and unembellished giclees



The reproductions of my work are museum quality prints called giclees. They are made in a process that has been around since 1985. The original painting is captured digitally by a 4x5 camera containing 108 million pixels. This is about 335 mb per shot. Paper prints are available in many sizes. Large prints are created on a waterfast canvas. The image is printed using a series of tiny spray nozzles that emit many millions of droplets per second.This method gives a much higher resolution than lithography. The drops are sprayed and mixed using the 7 color pigmented ink system and therefore there is a wider range of color than almost any other type of print available on the market.

The canvas printed giclees are usually embellished using paints directly on the canvas. This enhances the look of the print and makes it nearly impossible to tell the giclee from the original.

If you are considering a giclee for your home, please call me at 561-889-1010. Each giclee is part of a limited edition.  Your giclee is treated as a separate commission, custom made and handled personally by me so I can give you a the best result.

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For Original Paintings or Embellished custom signed and numbered giclees contact me directly at 561-889-1010.

Originals, Giclees, and Prints... Which is Best for You?

Original paintings are wonderful look at. You can become lost in the layers of paint applied. Almost every stroke and texture the artist makes is visible to the eye. An original painting will always retain the most value over time. If you can afford it, an original painting is the most desirable.

Limited edition, embellished giclees on canvas can be a good second choice. Giclees are high quality reproductions that can be printed on canvas or paper. They can be custom made to the size you need for the space you wish to fill.

Giclees printed on canvas create the illusion of authenticity. When the artist adds paint to the surface of the canvas giclee, the viewer can be fooled into believing they are looking at an original painting. It can sometimes be hard even for the artist, herself, to immediately tell the difference!

Each embellished giclee is an individual interpretation of the original painting. The uniqueness of the strokes and colors added vary from giclee to giclee. Even the amount of paint applied can differ. This is why each piece is signed on the front and the back by the artist

The individual giclee is also numbered The top number represents the individual piece. The bottom number represents the total amount that will be printed by the artist. It is customary for artists to create proofs of their work before they begin the final edition. Sometimes the artists' proofs will also be numbered. These proofs may vary in appearance more than the finished edition prints, as this is the time the artist experiments with the final desired look. The editions are limited so you can be sure that the bottom number, along with the artists' proofs created, will be the total number that will be reproduced.

Giclees can be created so that the image continues around the edge of the canvas frame. This is called "gallery wrapped". It gives the illusion of a floating image. It is quite a modern look and it eliminates the need for a picture frame. It is especially desirable in multiple paneled images, like diptychs or triptychs.

Each giclee printed on canvas usually comes with a "Certificate of Authenticity". The artist presents this to her client upon purchase. It is signed by the artist and includes the name of the piece, the number created and the date. With each of my certificates, I like to include a statement about the piece so that I can connect to my audience.

Art should be affordable and enjoyable. If you value the image created by an artist but do not want to commit to the expense of an original or a canvas giclee, a limited edition print on paper may be an option for you. Paper prints are beautifully reproduced and frame very nicely.

Art should make you happy. Your personality and what appeals to you is communicated to others through your choice of images.. When your guests enter your home, your art can open up a world of discussion.

Whether you decide to decorate your home with original paintings, giclees or prints, they will all enhance the enjoyment of your home and communicate your joy with your friends and families.

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