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Loving portraits our pet dogs


Mr. Forest in a Forest of Orchids
18" x 24" OIL PAINTING 2005
Dyan Epstein, Owner

This painting is a commissioned portrait of Mr. Forest who resides in Weston, Florida. He is a teacup sized, sweet Yorkshire Terrier with a beautiful personality and his owner likes to dress him up. She held him up for me in sunlight and I took some pictures. We later decided to place him in a forest of orchids. He seems happy there.


The original oil paintings measures 18" x 24" and is available on paper in any size. Or, if you have a special pet, you may want me to create a painting of them for yourself or as a gift to someone special. I work from photographs so your pets do not have to sit still.

The Hunter
18" x 24" OIL PAINTING 2005      

Latte, my dog is a wonderf
ul pet and has the heart of a hunter. She loves to hunt for lizards and waits and watches for birds and squirrels all day long. She is also as sweet as can be and speaks to you with her eyes, just waiting for you to notice when she wants something.

Latte and Mango
18" x 24" OIL PAINTING 2005

We lost Mango as a puppy and have since added a new Westie to our pack... Flash. In "Latte and Mango", although they are not related, a sweet connection was captured which I will always have memories of. I enjoyed painting their fur and all of the colors which are reflected in their white coats.

Lena and Peanut
18" x 24" OIL PAINTING 2007     
These sweet dogs never lived a full life. The virus Parvo infected them and their owners wanted a happy memory of them together. The original picture was taken of them indoors. I thought they would have been happier outside
on the field.

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