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Complimentary Home Visits and Help with Decorating

Published by Nancy Tilles in Decorating · 4/2/2014 19:43:19
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Complimentary Home Visits &
Help with Decorating

If you are not sure of how you want to decorate your home, but you love the artwork you see on my website, perhaps you would relish the chance to picture how your choices would look on your wall before you make an investment in your home decor.

If you have not yet visited me at an art festival you may be unaware that I offer home visits to potential clients from Fort Pierce to Miami. Whether you have concerns about the colors, size of the artwork or subject matter, this visit can answer some of the important questions that you may have about decorating.  

How does the home visit work?

When I visit you, we will discuss what paintings you are interested in; the sizes, the colors and the images that you like.  It is a good idea to allow at least two hours for a home visit. My van is filled with artwork for you to see. I have a number of original paintings as well as several giclée's in different sizes so you can see how they are embellished and finished.  

After I have brought the paintings inside, we can arrange them where you would like to see them. I also offer advice on color and placement. And, if you have just moved and you are furnishing a new home, your walls may be empty. I can help you fill them in a very tasteful way. You will get a good idea of what your home will look like fully decorated. If you do not see what you like in my inventory we can also discuss a custom painting or giclée.

In a custom painting I can create anything that you want. You can memorialize your honeymoon in a painting based on your own photographs.  You can have your grandchildren painted on the beach.  You can surround your living space in an under water scene.  Your imagination and mine are the only limits.  

After deciding on a custom painting, I can present you with an image of what the painting would look like on your wall. So often, you won't know whether a painting will enhance your home until you see it. And, when you decide on your purchases you will feel confident that you have made the right decisions.

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